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Fine Instruments for Tiny Hands


     What are you looking for in a new instrument?  What sound are you searching for and what genre of performing fits you best?            

     Because we are all professional musicians, our instruments are selected very carefully for superb sound, provenance, and condition.     

     Whether you are auditioning for a major symphony orchestra, preparing for a solo career or simply mastering "Song of the Wind," a musician needs a fine instrument.  We recognize this need and have dedicated ourselves to providing superb instruments which will enable you to play at your highest level of musicianship. 

          Our inventory includes a collection of instruments from Germany, France, Italy, England, America and other countries.  No commercially made Chinese instruments are available.

          Here is a partial list of our collection:

          VIOLINS  1,000  - 2,000  USD
               Neuner & Hornsteiner, Germany  c. 1880's
               Marc LaBerte (shop of), France  c. 1900-1920
               Calin Wulfer, Romania  2007
               Heinrich Gill, Germany   2007
               Franz Sandner, Germany   2007(several available)
              Several old German violins, circa  1880 - 1914
              Several French violins, circa 1900    
              Nice Mirecourt violins from JTL Co.
              Gliga violins: Genial, Gems I-II, Gama
              Many others, old and new                                                    

               Always a large selection available

          VIOLINS  2,000 - 5,000  USD
               M. Couterieux, Mirecourt, 1920's
               S. Rowles, N. Bennett St. School, Boston  1995
               D. Soriot, Mirecourt, 1910
               Theodore Heinrich, Markneukirchen,  1921
               Carlo Pindarelli, Markneukirchen,  c. 1920's
               Andrea Morelli,  Markneukirchen, c. 1920's
               School of Pierre Hel, c.1880
                Guarneri del Gesu, c. 1900
               Martin Hoffmann, Leipzig,  1880
               Sanctus Seraphim, 1738 (labeled as) , Mirecourt, 1932
               Old Mittenwald, 1700's, w/ orig. shimmed Baroque neck
               Several 18th century German violins:
                         Saxony, Mittenwald, Markneukirchen
               J.B.Vuillaume copy
               Beautiful German Conservatory A.S. model
               Guarneri model,  Bruno Co., N.Y. pre-1924
               1960 E.H. Roth w/ beaut. one-piece back
               Gorgeous 1924 Juzek almost ready
               Several models Bernd Dimbath of Germany
               Neuner&Hornsteiner, c. 1880, Mittenwald
               Always others available-Inquire

$5,000 to $10,000

J. B. Collin-Mezin, 1928
18th c. English composite
J.B. Collin-Mezin, 1928
Ok Kyum Kim, 2007
Georg Albeck, 2002
Berl Mendenhall,

$10,000 to $15,000

Leopold Widhalm, 1748, certified
Georges Appaut, 1940
James Meek, 1906
Eric Lourme, 2003
J.B. Aldric, c. 1815
Joseph Klotz, 1794
David Ayache, 2007
Michalis Patelides, Cremona, 2004
Georg Albeck, 2003
Ok Kyum Kim, 2010

$15,000 and up

School of Milano, c. 1770, unknown maker
Antonio Gragnani, c. 1780 unlabeled
School of Pique/Pirot c. 1810
Vincent Panormo, c. 1764, labeled
Giorgio Grisales, 2002, Cremona
Johannes Thir, c. 1780
Gennaro Vinaccia, 1780
Johannes Cuypers, 1727

             William Bissett, Los Angeles, 1897
             Bonaparte Squire, Boston, Ma., 1897
             Conrad Heberlein, Chicago, 1909

             We always have a few violins that have the rich, dark sound so
                    sought after by folk fiddlers.  INQUIRE

        VIOLAS UNDER 2,000   USD

             Johannes Kohr, Romania (15.5") 2006
             Johannes Kohr, Romania (16") 2006
             K, C & C, R\omania (15.5") 2006
             Others available

        VIOLAS 2,000 - 5,000   USD
             Ruggeri (labeled as), Markneukirchen (15.5")  c.1900  
             Stradivari (labeled as), Markneukirchen (15.5") c. 1920
             Heinrich Gill, Markneukirchen (16")  2006
             Rudolf Buchner, German (16")  1971
             Mirecourt, c. 1900 (15.5") Strad labelled           

        VIOLAS  5,000 - 15,000  USD
             Stefano Gironi, Cremona (16")  2000   w/ certificate
              Edgar Russ, Cremona (16.5")  DaSalo model, 2000  w/cert.
              John Juzek, Markneukirchen (16") 1936 Master Art
              E.H. Roth, Erlangen (16.5")  1953  Guarneri model
              Georg Albeck, Santa Fe (15.5")  2003  w/ certificate
              Ok Kyum Kim, Cremona (16") 2006  w/ certificcate **
              Italian School,  Guarneri model (16") Contemporary Unlabeled
              Eligio Puccioni, Empoli, Italy  (16.5")  1975
         ** In-House Violin Maker

       'CELLI  2,500 - 10,000   USD

             Hejja Janos, Romania   2006
             Stefan Petrov, Romania  2006
             Old German, circa 1880
             R.W. Leonhard, Mittenwald  1998
             Cracovia, Poland  2006
             French cello, early 20th cent. from Mirecourt

        'CELLI  10,000+

             Nicolas Chappuy, Paris  18th century  SOLD
             Andrea Lissoni, Parma  2005
             Old German, Mittenwald  circa 1860
             We've recently purchased a number of celli dating from the 18th
              to the early 20th centuries.  They will become available in the 
              coming weeks as restorations are completed

         BASSES    5,000+

             Josef Lidl, Czech (flat back)  circa 1900
              Ottomar Hausman, German  1958
              We have recently purchased four additional basses that will
               shortly be available.  INQUIRE