E Sartory a Paris

Eugene Nicolas Sartory, born in 1871 in Mirecourt, France is arguably the best bowmaker from the 20th century.  Son of a bowmaker he accelerated his learning by moving to Paris and worked with Charles Pecatte and then Alfred Lamy pere.  At the young age of 18 he opened his own shop in Paris where he produced stunning bows until he died in 1946.  After serving in WWI he continued to expand his shop hiring more bowmakers and collaborating with Jules Fetique and Louis Gillet.  He was so well known that, unbeknownst to him, makers across Europe were copying his bows and adding his stamp!  He found this out on a trip to New York in 1921.

This cello bow is one of those bows.  Made in Germany, it is a well made, fine playing pernambuco bow but stamped E Sartory.  Just like many a fine German violin bearing a Stradivarius label, this bow does a great job of performing beautifully at a more affordable price.