How To Choose the Correct Size Instrument

Often, the school will send home paperwork indicating the size you need But if you do not have that, there are several easy ways to size your child!

We are able to measure your child anytime. Come by the shop at your convenience.

How To Size Your Child on Violin/Viola
How to Size Your Child on Cello
How To Size Your Child On String Bass

For Violin or Viola

  • Have your child stand up, and hold their left arm straight out, parallel to the floor, to the side.
  • Make sure that the palm is facing up and, using a tape measure, measure from the neck to the wrist.

Using that measurement, you can size them here:

NOTE: If they are between sizes, opt for the smaller one!


If the measurment is 21” or longer, you need a 4/4, or full-size

  • 20”- 3/4 (three quarter size)
  • 19”- 1/2 (half size)
  • 17”- 1/4 (quarter size)
  • 15″- 1/8 (one eighth size)
  • 14”- 1/10 (one tenth size)
  • 13” – 1/16 (sixteenth size


Age and height are a great way to determine your child’s ‘cello size.

  • 4/4- For anyone 12 years or older, and over 5 feet tall
  • 3/4- For most between the ages of 9-12 and between 4’10-5’00”
  • 1/2- For most between the ages of 8-11 and between 4’2” and 4’9”
  • 1/4- For most between the ages of 5-7 and between 3’8-4’1”
  • For String Bass
  • ¾ – For anyone 12 years or older, and over 5’1” feet tall
  • ½- For anyone 10-12 years old and 4’2” and 5’00”

These are basic guidelines.

Remember….it is always ok to play an instrument too small.
Do NOT ask your child to play one that is too big. It can be damaging to young musicians’ muscles and tendons!