Asa White



Asa White, #1872


In 1796, Paul Revere gathered with a group of friends at the Green Dragon Tavern in Boston, Massachusetts. As they sat around drinking tankards of ale, they created the Massachusetts Charitable Mechanics Association to celebrate invention, artistry, and mechanic ability. Founding members included a vast array of inventors, mechanics, and innovators, including tailors, hatters, goldsmiths, watchmakers, bookbinders, silk-dyers, ship wrights and curriers. In the years that followed, they hosted Massachusetts Mechanics Fairs and almost a century after that first meeting, it is here that violin maker Asa Warren White was awarded many silver and gold medals for his beautifully made instruments. How Mr. White ended up in the company of a large mechanics guild remains somewhat of a mystery, but his place in this famous organization, is part of what makes his violins not only beautiful, but fascinating to players and collectors alike. Here at Huthmaker’s we raise our tankards to the fine men of the Massachusetts Charitable Mechanics Association for recognizing the beauty of Asa Whites violins. If you want to raise your own glass to the MCMA, The Green Dragon Tavern is still open for business.