Bavarian Violin, 7/8 Ladies Violin

Made in Mittenwald


Bavarian Violin, 7/8 Ladies Violin, Made in Mittenwald

Label reads “Andreas Kempter Lauten-und/Geigenmacher in Dillingen/1776” 7/8 Ladies violin

It has been said that the sweetest music to be found may come from the smallest hand. Andreas Kempter, a luthier from Dilligen, Germany knew that all too well. He loved to make instruments and spent his life branching out in all directions. Whether it be a lute, a viola d’amore, a bassato or a bass viol, Herr Kempter made them all with dedication and skill. However, somewhere along the way he was inspired to make this sweet violin. We will never know who inspired this beautiful instrument…the daughter of a wealthy merchant? Or perhaps the love of his life, his wife Anna Maria Bair?

Whoever she was, she must have been truly lovely to move him to create this 7/8 size violin. The body is perfect for a petite frame and delicate hands and the sound, while being warm and sweet, projects and carries beautifully.