Romedio Muncher



Romedio Muncher, 1907

BD 1945

In our shop, we have a few instruments that we fondly call ‘Family Violins’. We call them that because every few years, they come back home to us. A customer falls in love with them, plays them for several years, and eventually trades them back in for a higher-priced instrument. This violin is one of those instruments. Signor Muncher started his professional life as a sculpter and carver and worked for several prominent artists before the war called him away for awhile. It was during this time that he began to apply his considerable skills to instrument making and lutherie work. He was 33 years old when he made this lovely violin, and he poured every bit of his education into it, including his in-depth study in varnish. The result is a gorgeous red/golden violin with a voice that carries for days.