Anna's Video

Education is very important at Huthmaker Violins. We do videos and Zoom meetings to share our knowledge and knowledge from other experts. All videos cann be found in our YouTube Channel.
Thank you for Renting From Us!

Some last minute pointers to help you have a wonderful, successful start to your instrument rental!

Finding the Right Size String Bass For You!

How do you know which size bass you or your student should play? Here are some helpful hints to get their size perfect!

Basic Practice Methods-Students Stuck at Home

A simple look at how to break apart an exercise to learn it quickly and easily! No matter what instrument you play, or what level you are, these tips can help you progress quickly!!!

How to Put Finger Tapes on your Instrument

This is a must-see video for beginning students and their parents!! Putting finger tapes on your instrument will help you play in tune, and train your ear to hear correctly from the very beginning!!!!

A Day in the Life of a Luthier Students Stuck at Home

Want to know what it is like to work in a violin shop? Take a secret peek in the workshops of Huthmaker Violins and learn what it is like to be a luthier.

How to Buy a Violin

Can you tell the difference between a $700 violin and a $7K one? Is a $100 violin good enough for a beginner? What should you know when you are getting ready to add a string instrument to your family? This one is to help educate the parents and support the teachers!